Friday, 7 October 2011

I Had a Dream

I had a dream. No really, I had a dream. I mention this for a few reasons:
1: Blogging was the last thing I did before going to bed last night,
2: There's little likelihood that my fiber list and me will be sought out to become the next Julie & Julia blog to blockbuster movie
3: I may very well be sharing my fiber foibles and beyond with no one except for myself.

So. the dream. I am at work (in the care facility) and it is close to my knocking off time. All the residents are on their way into the dining room for dinner. From my desk, I look outside to see if my husband has arrived to pick me up. My husband and I carpool and continue to do so several days a week, even though he is not working(beyond his job as Keeper of the List) so up until now,  this dream is quite real to life.

Anyway, helping the residents in for dinner, I spot my husband pull up, with the dog.....on an elephant! The street is lined both sides with parked cars so I hurry myself to grab my lunch box and sign out of work. But now the health inspector is in the dining room and I, for some reason, feel compelled to distract her so she doesn't see the elephant double parked out front.

"It's ten to, it's ten to" I hear on the paging system.
"Oh great!" I think, I still have 10 minutes to work as I see my husband slowly riding the elephant away, obviously having now found an opening to park.
"It's ten to, time to get up" I hear as I run out the door towards the elephant.
"I'm coming"
I guess I'll never know how the heck I would have resolved to get up on that elephant. Yes, it was ten to, time to get up, shower and get ready for work.

The Dreamers' Dictionary reports the elephant to be an omen of great good luck. Awesome! "who would I like to play me in my Blogbuster movie?", I think out loud from the bathroom.
"It would have to be a redhead" answers my husband.
Me: "Lucille Ball?"
"Yeah, remember our mini-moon" laughs my husband.

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  1. Look - a blog! Off to read the rest now (I came to look at your profile on Rav to see whether I have some sheep you don't)