Thursday, 16 August 2012

I'm Baaaack

As much as the Master List and it's accuracy and upkeep was the driving force behind A Flock of Fleece undertaking, my thought process had become horizontal. The abandonment of The List was cathartic. My own anagnorisis or more simply put, Eureka effect. Put a person in enough fleece, they will leap out screaming "Enough already!"
Epiphany #1: Take care of your flock and the list will take care of itself.

But in the meantime...Sort alphabetically. Categorize by type. Sub-categorize by micron count. conservancy breeds as a sub group.
Pictures, fibers, yarn. Knit squares. 3 pocket pages. 2 pocket pages. Rings for skeins.....

POP as the baggies of fiber inhale air previously squeezed out and projectile across the room at random from their crammed stash spots.
Buy more glass cylinders to store them so they look asthetically pleasing. Hang on. Store them in a more asthetically pleasing way?

Epiphany #2: Return glass cyliners to store.
Epiphany #2.1:Spin the fiber!

Singles, 2 ply, 3 ply. Aran, worsted, fingering. Long draw, short draw...semi-either draw.Start at letter A, breed I got first, breed that inspired this madness. STOP.

Honestly woman, Flock or get off the pot!


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