Sunday, 2 October 2011

Baaack to the beginning

It was the Summer of 2011. Well, not exactly the Summer as far as sunscreen and sunhats. In all truth, it was barely hot enough for the oscillating fan let alone sleep nekkid without a sheet. Well...not that either, as a sleepwalker one will inevitably walk at the least dressed of times. So, coming clean, I guess it wasn't that it all started in the Summerish of 2011 at all. Lets call it the moment that I had my epiphany that my weird obsession was neither weird nor an obsession. 

The Richmond Weavers and Spinners Guild has a wonderful little library of which I like to regularly borrow books. I tend to be one of those borrowers that do so with the best intentions of reading the books and periodicals but in all reality am one of those people that thumb through the borrowed bounty in the final minutes before their return to the shelves. I made a very strange exception to my book borrowing routine leading up to the Summerish RWS Guild break of 2011. I took home a book entitled In Sheeps Clothing by Fournier & Fournier....and then I opened it right away!

Now being usually right about everything, just ask my husband, it was almost refreshing to be wrong...or is it mistaken? I didn't have an unnatural obsession with sheep breed fleeces, I was undertaking a study. This book in it's sheer existence, confirms it!

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