Monday, 3 October 2011

Mastering the Master List

I have become quite adept at making Fleece Master Lists. My first one started with about 92 breeds. Awesome, I think I could maybe do 92 breeds over time. Actually it was the do ability of 92 breeds that sucked me into this black hole I the first place.
So...I set to collecting 20g bumps of my breeds. It isn't long before I start to collect breeds that aren't on my list. What gives with that? Isn't the reason for making a list in the first place, to cross things off? I'm adding to mine in order to cross off. Not to worry, I am doing an awesome job. I have about 24 different sheep breeds and feeling kinda smug that some of those aren't even on the original Master List.
Now on Ravelry, it has become evident that I have a list.
"I think she is working from the same list as me", observes Woolforbrains.
"Hey, I have a bigger list I can email you" helpfully chimes in Ksenour.
Wow! A bigger Master List. I just had to have that. Hers isn't just a bigger Master List, hers is called a Comprehensive List...of 245 sheep breeds!

This may just take a little longer to accomplish.


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