Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Ingewikkeld repossession of my obsession

Sometimes the easiest things can be the most complicated. Take choosing fiber for the [1]Tour de Fleece. Obviously I wasn’t going to spin it all but historically I spin an abundance of the stash.


Life had thus far been [2]Ingewikkeld and the decision to spin, albeit a frivolous worry was yet another problem to my list. I don’t know. It’s like some irrational notion that if I don’t spin during the TdF, I am somehow a failure. Kinda like the time I felt it important to my character or such to cut sugar from my coffee. And how did that fare you may ask. I did so well at it; I ended up having to quit coffee all together as it gave me heartburn! I wasn’t to know at the time that spinning would be my therapeutic support as our summer was rapidly being sucked into the vortex of an impending storm. A much better outcome than the sugarless coffee for sure.


The wee baggie atop the sheep breed fiber bag resembled the eye of a storm. I grabbed hold. I spun that 20g. I grabbed another. I grabbed 2 that day. I grabbed 3 the next.


I worked. I took my husband to and from the hospital. I cleaned. I cooked. I spun. I spun 47 breeds of sheep. I even processed my first raw fleece.

Joe's brother Frans passed away with his adorable wife, Elise by his side 32 days from his cancer diagnosis.
Frans(left) and Joe at our wedding 2002

Yes, a lot happened [3]that summer (Oh yeah, there's more to come). Not only caught up in all the drama of my life, I was over thinking things. What stalled my blogging was the indecision to share just the sheep breeds or more. I mean, if anyone is reading my blog, would they want to hear the drama of my life or just want to skip to the facts of this mammoth sheep breed spintastic project of mine? In the end, it is [4]just a blog. It's a blog about spinning but behind that, it's a blog about my experiences spinning. Summer spinning has been cathartic, an unexpected therapy. It literally held me together over my summer so please enjoy now as I share further, all the breeds of sheep that did and will cross my path and perhaps a few more crazy insights into what I call my life.

[1] A fun competition on Ravelry comprising of teams, mostly with funny names and self-challenges which coincidentally coincides with the Tour de Fleece. Think of it as we spin, they spin.
[2] Ingewikkeld. Complicated according to my Dutch husband's mother who apparently said this often. Heck, she should know. She had 18 children!
[3] My summer really identified with my favourite manically depressed robot, Marvin: The first ten million years were the worst. And the second ten million: they were the worst, too. The third ten million I didn't enjoy at all. After that, I went into a bit of a decline.
[4] Poke me with an orifice hook should I say “It is what it is” ::Gag!::


  1. I was glad to see the back of 2012, it was fine until Easter when it crashed and burned. I tried to think of three good things in every day, I could rely on "at least no-one died" for a start. I went on to add "sewage didn't come through my ceiling" if I was short of anything else. When I felt sorry for myself (most of the time actually) I reminded myself that I'd had a better day than you.

    Spinning - better than therapy.

    1. Caroline. Thankyou so much for your comment. I havent had such a belly laugh in so long.

      "Funny," Marvin intoned funereally, "how just when you think life can't possibly get any worse it suddenly does."

      Ergo, there's even more....

  2. Oh dear! I adore you!

    "Poke me with an orifice hook should I say “It is what it is” ::Gag!::"

    Dear all-that-is-dearness how I hate that phrase!!!! Can I offer you the line that comes after it in a friend's sigggie? "It becomes what you make it" Much better, to my opinion!

    I totally understand being held together by things, and spinning is a good one. I should really oil my Lendrum and start something...