Thursday, 13 September 2012



Staple: 8.5-12.5cm

Micron: 21-23

About Cormo Sheep:  The Cormo were developed in the earlier part of the 1960's in Tasmania, Australia, just like me with the exception of inception for me was on the Mainland. Corriedale rams were crossed with Saxon Merino (Heck yeah I want a whole lot of that!) ewes. The fleeces are consistent with 90% having to be within 2 microns of the average.


My Spinning experience: Before I go any further, I am adding Cormo to my Top 10 of I-want-more-of-this-stuff list. I had never spun anything before with such elasticity. It was the most amazing spinning experience. The fiber has a well-defined crimp which made it not only fun but quite easy to spin. My sample was flicked open locks. With such a fine fiber, caution need be taken with processing as it would be so easy to spoil with neps by improper carding.
The resulting yarn was incredibly sproingy and would be perfect for anything requiring wickedly insane elasticity in addition to unbelievable softness.

More than any other, the super soft Cormo fleece/yarn sample garnered the most attention on our display at the recent Sheep to Shawl competition.

My princess skin rating is 4 ½ stars

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